I have recently developed a great new interest and love of working with mixed media, using watercolor with colored pencils, gel pens, and pastel chalks. I won’t always use pastels chalks but if I feel it would enhance a painting, I’ll add a bit of it to an art piece. The versatility of this using mixed medias is amazing! It’s so fun to be able to use different mediums in one art piece to create something so unique and detailed.

I am accepting offers to paint a picture or portrait.


So here’s what you do:

Request a painting of a family member (human or animal!) you love, or of a friend or someone you know. Or maybe even something completely new and original! You can start this by emailing the address posted below near the bottom of this page.

After we discuss what painting you would like for me to do, I will then start the painting and continue to photograph my progress and share with you in the journey of creating the painting. Feel free to comment on my progress! It’s great fun and helps each other very much!

To work with a photo, it is very important to make sure the quality and resolution is of great quality as best as possible. I want to be able to see as much detail as I can! If necessary, please also include multiple photos to help me with the details. I like being able to use multiple photos as a guide to confirm what I see, especially if the main reference is not quite as bright or clear.

See below some samples of two paintings created in pastel chalk that I have done:



And lastly….

After I complete the painting, I will then scan or photograph the artwork. If you or someone you know would like a copy of the painting, I will then print a Giclée print of the painting. You can’t get the same quality results by simply printing on a regular color printer. So this is the best method for me to go by to produce a print of similar quality to the original.

So what exactly is a Giclée print? The word “Giclée print” describes the elevation in modern printing technology and provides great color accuracy and long-lasting “life” (around 100 years). The prints are created out of high resolution digital scans from artwork or photographs and printed onto fine art paper or canvas. The term giclée means a spray or a spurt of liquid and refers to use of professional inkjet printers. Giclée (jee-klay) is a French word and a feminine noun and was probably derived from the French verb “gicler” which means squirt because the inkjets spray inks to lay pigments. The debate goes on what makes a true giclée, but not all inkjet prints can be called giclée. A true giclée is created by expensive inkjet printers onto high quality papers by professionals with experience. The cheep inkjet printers for home use can not be used to print out real fine art giclée prints, even if you could achieve good looking results it’s far from a true giclée.

Pricing: For original work, it will be 10 dollars per hour. Each painting will get an authentic name and number so as to ensure that you truly have the original piece of artwork done by me, and not a copy done by someone else. Please allow at least 3 weeks prior to when you need it by in order for me to complete the painting. It all depends on how detailed and full or simple the painting is as well. It can take on average 18-25 hours to complete.

Any design or painting created by Sarah Leone are copyrighted by my own use and/or reselling. You agree to not use my artwork for profit unless coming through me first for temporary or full rights of use in a business venture. If you agree to these terms, then continue to email to the address below: