Last year, I had the honor of showcasing some of my artwork for public display for the first time ever. That’s right, my very first Art Show!

From November to the end of December 2016, I displayed 5 pieces of original traditional art pieces. Having never done this before, this was quite a learning experience. But a fun one. Having an art show to prepare for forced me to finally find an affordable cost saving way to frame my artwork. Because of this, I discovered a way to frame something not just for artwork for future art shows (hopefully!), but also for those who commission artwork from me in the future. I now use a frame less sort of framing design that has a foam backing, acrylic sheet, and something to hold it all together. Acrylic sheets are not as fragile as glass sheets. They have a far less likely of a chance to crack when being shipped to its’ destination, or if it were to fall. It is also lighter and easier to cut. And of course has UV protection. I personally love the frame-less look. The appearance of floating on a wall. It’s simple, but beautiful. And the person could hang it up right away without waiting to have it framed.

Also upon my research into framing, I have learned that big art shows prefer the acrylic sheets over glass because of how fragile glass can be. I imagine it can be quite stressful if an artwork were to fall and crack the glass!

If someone in the future prefers a different frame they could always easily take the frame a part and put it in something more fancier. The clips hold everything together very tightly so there is no need to glue the artwork onto the foam board.

Here is what it looked like hanging on the walls at the Library:

When I went to go pick up my artwork at the end of my Show, the ladies who worked there were quite happy to meet me. I was told that people who came to the library loved my artwork. It was a big hit with everyone. Most of them adored the fox and the kitten paintings the best. I had left a stack of business cards (in a homemade box to hold them in) and… maybe more than half were gone? It was nice to hear what people thought, because I hadn’t really heard of any sort of reaction, except for the person in charge of the Show. Of course, I left whatever remaining business cards at the library jusssttt in case. Some others, who were at the library doing different things, were pretty excited to meet the artist behind the pieces hung on the walls. It was fun, even if I was a little shy (It’s a work in progress).

I want to thank my friend Amy for  encouraging me to sign up and for the person in charge of the Local Artist Show, Eric, for letting me showcase my artwork 🙂

I hope to do it again someday!

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