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I know most of you know this already, but for those who don’t…..

…Now that that is settled…

Earlier this year I embarked on a journey to draw something different. At first, it was mainly for the fun of it, to relax my art brain. But after I finished the initial drawing part of it, I decided I would use it to try something different with Photoshop. I’ve always felt my painting skills in Photoshop (or most art computer programs) were quite lacking. So I spent about a week just finding and watching video tutorials from different artists, with different styles of going about things. After that, I felt ready to try things out…. Well, I don’t know about you but, so far, I have seen a big difference!
Now, I could explain further as to how this helped me and what I was doing before this but, I think I will save that for when I really finish this. Plus there’s the whole *I’ve got to watch this!* feeling you get when you find out I have a new art video! ;D
This is the first time I have made a video that shows me drawing/coloring/painting a picture. So, it’s a mixture of photos and video (mostly video though). But don’t worry, this time it goes by really fast. A three hours video recording time dwindled down to 6-7 minutes worth!
Oh yeah, and this is inspired by a friend that I know online. I took note of his interests in mind and came up with this. I hope you like it! And let me know what you think!^^

4 Responses

  1. Wow! Watching you draw this with the music in the background was very entertaining Sarah. To everyone else reading this – I had the privilege of having Sarah over my shoulder while watching the video. The character was inspired by an online friend of Sarah’s – online name: Ryuusei. She saw a picture of him on-line to get the features of his face. She interviewed him for the type of clothes he likes and created his outfit. Also in the interview, she found out he likes dragons.
    You go girl! I think you should market yourself to draw Anime pictures of real people with personal touches like you did with “Ryuusei.” So gifted.

  2. This is one of the best artistic work you’ve done. It is dramatic, fun and very interesting to watch the progression. I agree with your mom about marketing this concept drawing Anime pictures of real people with personal touches.

    The music brings excitement to the art – good job. I will be looking forward to seeing your next subject.

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