Hello Everyone,
How was your summer? Hopefully it was a great summer! Today marks the official start (via calendar) of Fall! And as much as I do like being warm, I lovvvvveee fall. And if you live around New England I think you’ll understand why. :}
My summer was pretty busy…
For the past several months, I have been hard at work to create something very important, something pretty big, I think. It will be one of those “firsts” in accomplishing something one could only dream of, as an artist. For that project, I have created three drawings & paintings. Well, one drawing, two paintings, to be exact. The drawing is, as one can see, a logo of a somewhat torn Teddy and toy blocks.

(click  to view larger image)

STK Logo“STK Logo”

Photoshop CS4

The next image is of a digital painting I did in Photoshop. This is a bit out of the box of what I normally tend to do so I personally find this portrait of the teddy bear eerily cute and disturbing. And for good reasons, aside from the appearance.

(click to view larger image)

Innocence Left To Keep

“Innocence Left To Keep”

Photoshop CS4 & Manga Studio 5.0

So why the torn up teddy bears? What does STK stand for? What does GLS stand for? Well, I guess you’ll have to wait and see the next time you hear from me! ;D
Also, I will have some other news to share with you. But I will save that for next time.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and have had a great summer!


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