You Should Really Read This

And not just this! Oh noooooooo-! If you’ve been following along, last time I showed you pictures of two torn up teddy bears, with scarcest of information about them. (see previous blog post for more info) So here we go: Back in mid-May I was confronted with the opportunity to design something for someone. Something […]

A Preview of the Big First

Hello Everyone, How was your summer? Hopefully it was a great summer! Today marks the official start (via calendar) of Fall! And as much as I do like being warm, I lovvvvveee fall. And if you live around New England I think you’ll understand why. :} My summer was pretty busy… For the past several […]

Tyler & Other Things

I recently finished a new art piece, simply titled “Tyler”. It was first commissioned to me late last year after someone saw a drawing portrait I did, in charcoal, of my brother and my now sister-in-law, on Facebook. She knew, in general, that she wanted a portrait done of her fiancee’s dog. It was just […]