So, hello there. It’s been a long while. What’s happened since February??

Well let’s see here.

My computer died on me. But THANKFULLY I lost nothing that was on my hard drive. Very relieved about that. Because of that, I ended up learning more than I ever wished to about computers. It was worth it in the end, however, because now I have a faster, quieter, cooler (never gets hot anymore) computer. Very thrilled about that 🙂

I was without my own computer for about three to four months. After learning the files on my hard drive were safe and secure, I was able to relax and focus on other things. For instance, I read four books in ONE week! It was a wild week full of sadness, laughter, suspense, adventure, puns, battles, and danger.

I also learned during this time that markers just aren’t my thing. They look really fun and innovative to use, but I just could not connect with the medium. So I have decided that, until further notice, markers will take a backseat. Now I just need to figure out what to do with these Tria markers….. At least I know now that markers aren’t my thing!

One night I decided to take out my color tinted charcoal pencils. I’d never seen color tinted charcoal pencils before so I just HAD to get them! I’m not quite so sure what prompted me to take them out again. Perhaps out of boredom? Or maybe it was that I was just remembering a charcoal drawing I did of my brother and his wife a few years ago, and how much fun it was then. Yeah, that’s probably it haha.

With the color tinted charcoal pencils (24 pencils), I did some doodles of random little things on regular paper. A shaded circle, a waterfall… Little things. Then I remembered having a simple 12-piece pastel chalk set from college. An art teacher was giving away used old art stuff and I’d snatched one of the sets up in curiousity. Never know, right?!

So then, I started drawing a simple eye and then added color, skin…. And just kind of got lost in it, as you can see below. I found myself getting so engrossed in it that, before I knew it, I had created a half face. You can see it here:


Mysterious Human

I enjoyed it so much so, that I decided to look further into it. I did not have any pastel paper but I did have watercolor paper, which is thick itself, so I thought it would work well with Pastels. And well… I soon learned… Maybe not ha…..


Pastel Sunset on watercolor paper

In the end, I immersed myself in the world knowledge of pastel chalk in every way possible. From two books on pastels, to asking around to fellow artists, to watching youtube videos and reading comments, and then getting the tools needed to try it out, for real. On real pastel paper, with more pastel chalk blocks and pencils. One problem. I needed a picture. Sure, I could always draw something from my imagination. But the true and best way to learn something new on a new art medium, I’ve found, is to study from real life, or at least from a good quality photograph. I scoured my own pictures, with no satisfaction. Then scoured on Facebook friends. And then there she was. A dog (golden retriever?) looking up happily and in curiousity at someone special. 🙂

Her fur coat was a perfect challenge because it was scattered all over the place. Going in all directions. Plus, the picture was of excellent quality (not fuzzy and not too many glares).

Josie (the name of the dog) was quite an adventure. I wanted to try to do a picture from a real life photograph, to see if I could connect with using pastels in the future. I think it is safe to say that I definitely connected! What do you think? Well without further ado, see for yourself!

Oh, just an fyi about the video. It has three songs separated by 38 seconds between each. Soooooo just letting you know :D. And this is my first movie that is made in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (which I really love now^^). And lastly, the art tools you see in the verrrry first picture are all the colors and tools I used for the painting. So it isn’t there just for introductions!

Let me know what you think! Oh and I will be selling copies of this. Just let me know if you want one!

Ok ok ok ok. Here is the movie. Enjoy!!

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  1. gee hope you do go back to the markers, would like to see some of those works, the charcoal pencil work looks really good! i hope you finish that “Mysterious Human” one, ok will watch the video now! 🙂

  2. You brought a picture to life – great job Sarah! Love the music. Like dara said we hope you finish “Mysterious Human.”

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