Here is the first Monday where I will share with you some artwork that I did last year. Most of it will be from Inktober but there will be a few outside of that. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!

Inktober 1:

Ink drawing of my Abyssinian cat Rain running swiftly. Drawn for Inktober 2017.

This is one of my personal favorites. There is so much excitement going on here!

Inktober 2:

Ink drawing #2 of Inktober. Rain and bird divided by barrier.

This one is a bit more illustrative and detailed, experimenting with various inking techniques.

Inktober 3:

An Abyssinian terrified of getting wet. Not every Aby loves getting wet and playing in the water. NOT EVERY ABY.

May not be the best drawing of the bunch, but it sure illustrates the nerves of a kitty who is not fond of being forcibly wet.

Inktober 4:

Kitty Rain undederwater trustingly being held up by two hands of his human lady.

This illustrates something that we actually do during the very hot days of summer. I realize cats are desert animals, but sometimes Rain looks terribly hot and uncomfortable, so I do this in very warm water for a few minutes. He’s not thrilled about it, but he is a very trusting boy, which I love. I do it slowly and calmly, always supporting his back shoulders and head. And he just… floats…. After he is set free from the bathroom, he will scamper into one of our rooms for a self cleaning. I like to think he feels better afterwards…

Now that you’re all caught up with what I’ve shared in social media, here are two other drawings I did, unrelated to Inktober:

Shop Girl

This was done for my nieces’ birthday in July 2017. I drew the girl directly onto my Samsung tablet and I got the background from a program on my computer. I wish I could say I drew the background myself, but, as with many artists, backgrounds are my weaknesses that I’m working on. So I did this for my niece to color (if she wanted to). Hmmm, not sure if she ever got around to it, but she was very happy with it! Before I drew this picture, I asked what her favorite thing to do was, and as any teenager will tell you, it was shopping haha. So, Shopper Girl it was. Included a clear slip cover to seal and protect for after she colored it.

Hair Snip

Over the years, I had been going to a specific hair salon. I always had the same lady doing my hair. And I enjoyed it so much. She always treated me like a friend, like another client close to her age. I don’t think she realized how much that meant to me. I think part of the reason she looked forward to cutting my hair is because I was always wanting to try a different hair style (minus the coloring part. I love my strawberry blonde color. It’s my favorite part of physical self). Last year, she got a job offer out of state, which meant saying goodbye to her. I wanted to do something special before she went off. So the night before my last hair cut with her, I drew this picture. I wanted to illustrate what it felt like to get a hair cut. The snips of hair flowing away among the pink petals of plumeria flowers in the breezy clear blue sky. I chose plumerias because that’s a common flower used in hair products. It also has several fitting meanings. Some meanings include: Charm, grace, new life, new birth, new creation or new beginning, Spring, and beauty. With this drawing, I used watercolor paper, with some ink for the outlines, some sparkly ink, and polychromos colored pencils. At the very end when I was in line to pay, she came over for our last goodbyes, and then I gave her the envelope with the card and picture. I think she was very surprised 🙂 I hope I was able to properly capture the essence of a hair cut.

So what do you guys think? Do you have a particular favorite or two so far?

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