Whaaattt? Too cheesy a title? Don’t look at me like that!

Haha okay in all seriousness. I have already started my next project. Except this time it is not a test project to see whether I’d like a certain medium or not. It’s something someone has requested that I must finish before the end of this month. And if you hadn’t noticed already, yes, it has to do with hannnnds haha. Well, it will only have one hand in the picture but I had to give my friend options you know? She has since chosen which hand she wants to be in the picture but I will leave the guessing up to you til I put the final piece up! Which will likely happen within the next week or two.

Have fun guessing!

(click on picture for bigger viewing)


Sketch of Hands – Done in pencil on paper

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  1. Loved the one on the bottom right hand side. Like giving/handing out to others. Great job, Sarah. Amen, gm

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