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Two weeks to start it. Three weeks to prepare. One day to deliver. Five weeks to hold my tongue before daring to allow myself to spread the Big News of the year. I know that sounds pretty bold. But…. It IS Big News. It seems like with […]

What A Handful!

Whaaattt? Too cheesy a title? Don’t look at me like that! Haha okay in all seriousness. I have already started my next project. Except this time it is not a test project to see whether I’d like a certain medium or not. It’s something someone has requested […]

Dog Days of Summer

So, hello there. It’s been a long while. What’s happened since February?? Well let’s see here. My computer died on me. But THANKFULLY I lost nothing that was on my hard drive. Very relieved about that. Because of that, I ended up learning more than […]

Lesson of the Day: Always Draw People Naked Before Showing it to the World

Alright sooooooo, I ended up having to pretty much redraw almost everything about the fairy. She just didn’t look right to me. So hopefully she looks noticeably a lot better now. Here is a comparison of the Fairy: Paintchat version (Click on picture above for […]

Art Life of Leone Update

I realize I said I would be done with Flirty Love by Valentines Day…. As you can see that has not happened at all….. I guess at the moment, I am still learning my tools of trade. I had bought Tria and Copic Markers a […]

Flirty Love Part 2

So here is Part 2. It was tough to find the right song because, well, it’s a GUY haha. I didn’t want to use a cutsie lovey dovey song as I did for the first video. Although this is a bit lovey dovey but with a […]

First Mystery Picture of the Year!

Well hello there. Welcome to the first OFFICIAL blog at! I am very excited to be able to share with everyone my world of art. I have been thinking on what I could do to contribute to this Blog area.  I could do politics, […]