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Tyler & Other Things

I recently finished a new art piece, simply titled “Tyler”. It was first commissioned to me late last year after someone saw a drawing portrait I did, in charcoal, of my brother and my now sister-in-law, on Facebook. She knew, in general, that she wanted […]

A Warm Snowy Christmas

Quick thing: I have created an Official Artist Page on Facebook if you would like to Follow my Art^^ It’s called: Art Of Sarah Leone Years ago I took a quick snapshot photo of my cat with my first digital camera. I loved it and […]

A New Way of Photoshopping

First off, I finally added the Share and Like features on my site. So if you like something like you would on Facebook, click Like at the bottom of each blog post. Or, if you want to Share one of my blog posts anywhere, where you might have an account at, click one of the Share Icons, also at the bottom of each blog post (right above Like and Send). Same goes for my YouTube videos. There is a Share button at the bottom of every video, where there is a Twitter, Facebook and More icon.

I know most of you know this already, but for those who don’t…..

…Now that that is settled…

Earlier this year I embarked on a journey to draw something different. At first, it was mainly for the fun of it, to relax my art brain. But after I finished the initial drawing part of it, I decided I would use it to try something different with Photoshop. I’ve always felt my painting skills in Photoshop (or most art computer programs) were quite lacking. So I spent about a week just finding and watching video tutorials from different artists, with different styles of going about things. After that, I felt ready to try things out…. Well, I don’t know about you but, so far, I have seen a big difference!
Now, I could explain further as to how this helped me and what I was doing before this but, I think I will save that for when I really finish this. Plus there’s the whole *I’ve got to watch this!* feeling you get when you find out I have a new art video! ;D
This is the first time I have made a video that shows me drawing/coloring/painting a picture. So, it’s a mixture of photos and video (mostly video though). But don’t worry, this time it goes by really fast. A three hours video recording time dwindled down to 6-7 minutes worth!
Oh yeah, and this is inspired by a friend that I know online. I took note of his interests in mind and came up with this. I hope you like it! And let me know what you think!^^

The Agency & The Eastern Rising

As before in the last post, much has changed. This time, it is not really with this website (though I did change it a little bit here and there), but mainly with me personally. I started working on a painting a while ago. And then […]

Spring Has Sprung…

…Among other things… Such as my web site! Yes I have finally made drastic changes to it at last! I’ve been wanting to change it since last year, but was still figuring out what to use, and, mostly, wanting to build up my portfolio and […]


Two weeks to start it. Three weeks to prepare. One day to deliver. Five weeks to hold my tongue before daring to allow myself to spread the Big News of the year. I know that sounds pretty bold. But…. It IS Big News. It seems like with each year I progress, I not only improve in my art, but….. It gets even further in the adventure! And so, the news in which I have been dyyyyinnngg to share with the whole wide world, for the past 5 weeks, is this:

I’m selling my art in a STORE now!!!! :O A STORE! Up until now, I only dreamed of getting this far. Me. Sarah. Selling her… MY… artwork in a store. That’s pretty dang amazing I think!

So here’s the deal: Check out Lucy’s Art Emporium in Dover, NH on Central Avenue. It is a local store that sells local art, gifts, artist greeting cards, handmade jewerly, and more. It’s a really cool store!

I am selling single cards for $3.50 and packs of 15 cards per box for $15.00. The store hours are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

There are 8 different card designs there to choose from, each with two different texts (and one design without any text) for each design for single cards. All cards are blank inside.

And if you have been following my artistic ventures, you will see a brand new design that I will be posting on here very soon. I made it over the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is kind of a different style in that it is a ‘design’ picture instead of a ‘story’ picture. So something simple but a little different! I hope to create at least another new design this upcoming week.

So if you’re around New England,  go there!

Well, that’s the big news I have been wanting to share. I suppose I wanted to wait until it was truly official.

There you have it. I have entered the Store Arena. Thank you to those who have helped spread the word about me and my art. I truly am thankful to have such great friends :} For that is how this all started. Word of mouth. It’s a great thing!

And with that, I end with this:

Happy Shopping!! 😀

What A Handful!

Whaaattt? Too cheesy a title? Don’t look at me like that! Haha okay in all seriousness. I have already started my next project. Except this time it is not a test project to see whether I’d like a certain medium or not. It’s something someone has requested […]

Dog Days of Summer

So, hello there. It’s been a long while. What’s happened since February?? Well let’s see here. My computer died on me. But THANKFULLY I lost nothing that was on my hard drive. Very relieved about that. Because of that, I ended up learning more than […]

Lesson of the Day: Always Draw People Naked Before Showing it to the World

Alright sooooooo, I ended up having to pretty much redraw almost everything about the fairy. She just didn’t look right to me. So hopefully she looks noticeably a lot better now. Here is a comparison of the Fairy:

Paintchat version


(Click on picture above for a larger view)

Second Slightly Touched version


(Click on above picture for a bigger view)

Completely Redone version


(Click on above picture for a bigger view)

So lesson learned: always draw people naked first before showing it to the world! Makes the picture turn out even better 😀

Art Life of Leone Update

I realize I said I would be done with Flirty Love by Valentines Day…. As you can see that has not happened at all….. I guess at the moment, I am still learning my tools of trade. I had bought Tria and Copic Markers a […]